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Penleigh School



From inception, I have envisioned Penleigh to be a school where students would look forward to going every day, eager to learn, feeling safe and unthreatened. In my mind, Penleigh was also where children would learn to respect individual abilities, and where taking pride in things Filipino would come naturally. more>>



  • July 21- Math Camp/ Nutrition Day
  • August 16-18- First Quarterly Test for Graders & K2
  • August 21- Ninoy Aquino Day ( No Classes)
  • August 25- Linggo ng Wika Celebration
  • August 28-National Heroes Day ( No Classes)
  • September 1- Teachers Day/ First Card Giving Day for Graders and K2




Math Quiz Bee Winners

S.Y. 2017-2018


Kinder 2

1st-Chloe Elyse N. Bathan

2nd- Nash Dominic M. Eser

3rd- Ari Teanna C. Gonzales

4th – Loreallane S. Buño

5th- Jon Jaecob G. Mulle


First Grade

1st-Jey Precious Eliza B. Cosinas

2nd- Ryezen Rui A. Umali

3rd- Hadrielle T. Maunahan


Second Grade

1st-Jorja Mikaela L. Rodriguez

2nd- Martina Irish G. Dagli

3rd- Angelica T. Lindo


Third Grade

1st-Jaye Zielle Angela  B. Cosinas

2nd- Jake B. Barugo

3rd- Trixia Mae P. Ruiz


Fourth Grade

1st-Gian Maverick O. Vivas

2nd- Johan Raven D. Boncajes

3rd- Allen Xander P. Diokno


Fifth Grade

1st-Lee Daniel P. Ruiz

2nd- Alessandra Isabelle Casane

3rd- Jan Yzack  T. Trinidad


Sixth Grade

1st-Daniella Cassandra L. Lapid

2nd- Rhian Jared D. Boncajes

3rd- Samantha Janwin C. Alcantara